Tu mejor edad

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Format: Paperback

Vendor: HarperCollins Espanol

Publication Date: September 26, 2017

ISBN: 071809719X

ISBN-13: 9780718097196

Number of Pages: 224

Dimensions: 8.38 × 5.50 (inches)

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¿Temes confesar tu edad? ¿Te asustan los cambios físicos que trae consigo el paso del tiempo? ¿Piensas que es demasiado tarde para cumplir tus sueños? Si es así, no eres la única.

Desafortunadamente, muchas mujeres comparten estos sentimientos. Sin embargo, los años que tenemos en este momento equivalen siempre a nuestra mejor edad. Nunca es demasiado pronto, pero tampoco demasiado tarde, para aprender a querernos y sacar el mayor partido a la vida. En Tu mejor edad encontrarás soluciones referentes a:

• Las relaciones de amistad y de pareja

• La evolución de la vida íntima

• La salud y el ejercicio físico

• El significado de la belleza y el estilo

• El uso de la tecnología para mantenerse relevante.

El propósito de Tu mejor edad es que te sientas empoderada, informada y llena de vida. Pretende calmar tus temores e inquietudes, responder a tus preguntas y prepararte para celebrar tu edad, con alegría e ilusión. Tu mejor edad te brinda la esperanza de que cumplir otro año y comenzar una nueva década no es el principio del fin, es simplemente otro capítulo, y cada capítulo puede ser tan emocionante como tú elijas.

This book explains why the age we are right now is always the best age, addressing health, exercise, beauty and style issues, with the purpose of making you feel empowered, informed and full of life. It’s never too soon nor too late to enjoy life here and now.

Are you afraid of your next birthday? Are you ashamed to confess your age? Do the physical changes that come with aging worry you? Do you think that by now you should have met to man of your life, had children, got the job of your dreams or written the novel of the century? If so, you're not the only one. Unfortunately, many women feel the same.

This book explains why the age we are right now is always the best age. It is never too soon nor too late to enjoy life here and now, to learn to cherish ourselves and to get the most out of life. This book addresses topics related to health, exercise, and what the beauty and style at any age really means. Also discuss how our intimate lives evolve in each decade. And together we will discover how to deal with the most important relations of friendship and love, but also how to stay relevant in a technologic world.

The purpose of this book is that you feel empowered, informed and full of life. I hope to help you calm your fears, answer your questions and help you prepare to celebrate your age with joy and enthusiasm. No one teaches us how to evolve as we age or how to enjoy this process. I want to give you the hope that starting another year or a new decade is not the beginning of the end. It’s just another chapter. And each chapter can be as vibrant and exciting as you choose.

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