Environmental Ethics and Christian Humanism

by Thomas Sieger Derr (Author)P9780718093761, Richard John Neuhaus P9780718093761, Max L. Stackhouse (Introduction)P9780718093761, Thomas Sieger Derr (Author) }

Environmental Ethics and Christian Humanism

Format: Paperback

Vendor: Abingdon Press

Publication Date: December 01, 1996

ISBN: 0687001617

ISBN-13: 9780687001613

Number of Pages: 164

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The international political and economic scene has changed dramatically in recent years. As we approach a new millennium, we face a world that is increasingly interdependent and globalist in perspective. What are the implications of these changes for Christian social ethics? Does Christian ethics have anything useful or relevant to say in the face of these changes? The Abingdon Press Studies in Christian Ethics and Economic Life series is intended to address such questions by providing teaching resources for upper-level college and seminary courses in Christian ethics that focus on the analysis and reconstruction of basic ethical perspectives and principles in our post-Marxist, highly technological, and increasingly interdependent global civilization.

\"This is a lively and challenging book that strikes to the heart of current debates in environmental ethics. In the lead essay of the volume, Thomas Sieger Derr offers a bold challenge to current biocentric ethics from the perspective of Christian humanism. He rightly identifies that the basic question facing environmental ethics is, ironically enough, the status of the human within the ecosystem and our rule as valuers. Derr seeks to expose the shortcomings of other positions, especially the too easy dismissal of Christianity as the cause of our environmental woes, and to marshal a cogent and livable alternative consistent with Christian faith. The volume includes two spirited rebuttals to Derr\'s essay. Noted environmental ethicist James A. Nash contests Derr\'s account of biocentric thought and also his construal of a Christian ecological ethics. Richard John Neuhaus focuses on claims about Christ as central for any distinctly Christian response to the environmental crisis. Taken together, these sharp and engaging essays address the most central issues facing environmental ethics: conflicting ideas about the moral status of the human, debates within moral theory about the nature and source of value, the role of religious conviction in ethical discourse, and disputes about matters of policy. A joy to read, I recommend this book highly to all concerned about the environment.\" --William Schweiker, The University of Chicago Divinity School

\"Thomas Derr\'s trenchant argument for humanistic stewardship rooted in biblical faith helps clear the fog obscuring much current ecological debate. The sharp dissent by James Nash, coupled with the theological nuance of Richard Neuhaus\'s remarks, provides renewed focus for examination of the fundamental values at stake in assessing humanity\'s proper relation to the rest of creation.\" --William Johnson Everett, Andover Newton Theological School

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