Divorce Is Not The Answer

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Format: Paperback

Vendor: New Leaf Publishing

Publication Date: March 01, 1979

ISBN: 0892210095

ISBN-13: 9780892210091

Number of Pages: 80


The adultery boom is on! Growing acceptance of this age-old sin is upon us. And if you haven't felt its shock waves yet, hold on - you will. This is America, the "exploding" society of the sophisticated, sexually-liberated, swinging adult. DIVORCE IS NOT THE ANSWER allows the ancient prophet Hosea dealt with his strumpet wife Gomer, we too must learn to master our moral destiny or become slaves to infidelity. Woven into this study from the Book of Hosea is the true story of a high-class prostitute. A "girl-gone bad" tells it like it is. This book will have you so concerned you will do something about it

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