Deliverance from Daily Giants

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Format: Paperback

Vendor: Beacon Hill

Publication Date: November 15, 2006

ISBN: 0834122790

ISBN-13: 9780834122796

Number of Pages: 192


What are the giants in your life?

Some of us have struggled for years with the same issues--issues such as fear of failure, emotional baggage from broken relationships, or perpetual worry. Often, our fruitless attempts at self-improvement end in frustration and a defeated acceptance that life will never be different.

But life can be different. It is possible to defeat the giants in our lives.

Deliverance from Daily Giants shows us that when we allow the Holy Spirit to enter our hearts He fills us with the power to transform our lives and be delivered from our ongoing struggles. With insight and biblical guidance, Dwight Gunter addresses real-life situations and shows how we can learn, through the help of the Holy Spirit, to conquer fear, broken relationships, failure, and other issues that hinder freedom in Christ. He demonstrates the futility of trying to cure anger, tragedy, and other enemies of the soul by using our own strength. Instead, he points the way to a loving God who is willing and able to conquer our daily giants and free us to live the abundant life Christ has always intended us to live.

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