The CEB Study Bible with Apocrypha

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Format: Hardcover

Vendor: Common English Bible

Publication Date: October 15, 2013

Number of Pages: 2688

ISBN: 1609260295

ISBN-13: 9781609260293

Ribbon Marker: No

Page Gilding: No

Binding Colour: White


The CEB Study Bible gives you the tools, illustrations, and explanations necessary for making informed decisions about the meaning of the Bible. The notes in this study Bible don\'t tell you what to believe. Instead, they give you the context for what the books of the Bible meant to their earliest readers and what the Bible means right now.

The CEB Study Bible is for encouragement and challenge, for guidance and reflection, for study and prayer:

  • The reliable, readable, and relevant Common English Bible translation with the Apocrypha, in a single-column setting
  • Detailed book introductions, outlines, and notes from the finest biblical studies professors
  • Full-color throughout, including more than 200 illustrations, photographs, maps, and charts
  • Hundreds of thousands of cross references
  • More than 300 indexed sidebar and general articles
  • 21 full-color maps designed by National Geographic and fully indexed

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