Ashes to Fire Devotional

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Format: Paperback

Vendor: Beacon Hill

Publication Date: November 15, 2010

ISBN: 0834125927

ISBN-13: 9780834125926

Number of Pages: 192


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This 14-week devotional book includes daily scripture readings from the Old Testament and New Testament, prayers, and each Sunday, a small sermon with journaling space. This book is specifically designed to be used, either individually or for small groups, from Ash Wednesday to Pentecost.

Ashes to Fire allows adults and youth to reflect on what God is teaching them instead of just feeding them another video clip or media outlet. It includes essays by multiple pastors and an audio CD with original music by Mark Harris, Dave Clark, Larnelle Harris, and Dan Dean. The book will create an intentional and intensive fellowship with Jesus by guiding readers through worship, personal Bible study, daily devotions, and spiritual readings.

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