Announcing the Kingdom

by Arthur Glasser (Author)P9780718093761, Charles Van Engen (Author)P9780718093761, Dean Gilliland (Author)P9780718093761, Shawn Redford (Author) }

Format: Paperback

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Publication Date: September 01, 2003

ISBN: 0801026261

ISBN-13: 9780801026263

Number of Pages: 400

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Product Description

Announcing the Kingdom provides a comprehensive survey of the biblical foundation of mission. It investigates the development of the kingdom of God theme in the Old Testament, describing what the concept tells us about God\'s mission in creation, the flood, and the covenant with Abraham. It then describes God\'s mission through the nation of Israel during the exodus, at Mt. Sinai, and through the kings of Israel. The book then examines God\'s mission as Israel is sent into exile and the stage is set for the Messiah\'s coming.
Finally, the book considers the fulfillment of the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ and the church. It examines Jesus\' parables and ministry, his proclamation of God\'s kingdom among the nations, and the work of the Holy Spirit through the church.
Announcing the Kingdom is the product of Arthur Glasser\'s more than thirty years of teaching and has been used by thousands of students at Fuller Theological Seminary. Now revised by Glasser\'s colleagues, this study provides mission workers and students with a new understanding of their calling and its biblical foundation.

Author Info

Arthur F. Glasser is Dean Emeritus of the School of World Mission at Fuller Theological Seminary. Charles E. Van Engen is the Arthur F. Glasser Professor of Biblical Theology of Mission at Fuller. Dean S. Gilliland is Senior Professor of Contextualized Theology and African Studies at Fuller. Shawn B. Redford is a Ph.D. candidate and adjunct faculty member at Fuller.

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