Extraordinary Old Testament People

by Robin Kimbrough (Author)P9780718093761, Michael E. Williams (Author) }

Extraordinary Old Testament People

Format: Paperback

Vendor: Abingdon Press

Publication Date: July 01, 2006

ISBN: 0687065984

ISBN-13: 9780687065981

Number of Pages: 90

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Product Description


An Investigative Bible Study Method
Using Questions to Examine Scripture
from 3 Views

3-V is a series of seven different advanced Bible study courses designed for the Sr. High level.

3-V is a serious learning tool that forces students to think, by challenging them to investigate.

Throughout a variety of texts and topics, 3-V poses a series of three probing questions in order to enhance a student’s comprehension, interpretation, and application of a scripture. These 3-Views are –

View 1 – What’s the Text? (Comprehension)

What does the scripture specifically say? How do different Bible translation versions word the same passage?

View 2 – What’s the Context? (Interpretation)

What is the story behind the story? What was the cultural and social background of the people who were addressed? Do we find terms in the scripture that were commonplace to people of the day…but unfamiliar to us?

What were the events that took place prior to the passage?

Exploring all of the background information that envelops a Bible verse can improve our understanding.

View 3 – What’s Next? (Application)

How do we apply our new scriptural understanding to our contemporary daily lives? How will we change in response?

3-V does more than just give your students a Bible lesson…it teaches them how to study the Bible…for a lifetime.

Extraordinary Old Testament People

Gideon, Naomi, Hannah, Saul, Josiah, Esther, and Daniel were just ordinary people, but through God they became extraordinary.

This 3-V study series brings to light the rich stories of some of these lesser-known Old Testament figures whose words and deeds are part of our faith legacy as Christians.

* Study 1
The Reluctant Judge - Gideon
(Judges 6:11-17)

* Study 2
Redeeming Qualities - Naomi
(Ruth 1:6-14)

* Study 3
Prayer Makes the Ordinary Extraordinary -
(1 Samuel 1:3-11)

* Study 4
Being King Has Its Ups & Downs - Saul
(1 Samuel 10:20-27)

* Study 5
Convicted by the Spirit - Josiah
(2 Kings 23:21-25)

* Study 6
Miss Courageous - Esther
(Esther 4:12-17)

* Study 7
VIPs for God - Daniel & Friends
(Daniel 1:8-21)

Visit www.iLeadYouth.com/3V for additional helps and information.

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