by Isobel Kuhn
Isobel Miller gave up God for worldly pursuits. But as graduation approached and her engagement w...
Paperback $10.00
by Denis Lane
Paperback $6.00
by Jennifer Su MacIntyre
A harrowing biography of three women entangled by broken relationships, addictions, wounded emoti...
Paperback $14.00
by Isobel Kuhn
This is the story of the reluctant exodus, when the last China Inland Mission members were forced...
Paperback $10.00
by Geraldine Taylor
J.O. Fraser\'s heroic spirit comes to life in this classic biography, which includes excerpts fro...
Paperback $10.00
by David McCasland
Eric Liddell\'s life began and ended in China. Born in Tientsin as the second son of missionary p...
Paperback $23.99
by Vincent Sack
A true story of faith in action in a Chinese university. Jon has arrived in China to teach Englis...
Paperback $15.00
by OMF International
Paperback $4.25
by Allan Webb
Missions is not just a function of the church, it is the church\'s supreme function, and what Jes...
Paperback $15.00
by Melissa Howell
Coloring and activity books are a great tool for any Sunday school, VBS, missions conference acti...
Paperback $4.00
by Darrell Eddy
Fifteen year old Alison is returning home to New York by ship when she encounters a fascinating s...
Paperback $10.00
by David J. Michell
The true story of a school of missionary kids who spent a good portion of their childhood in a Ja...
Paperback $18.00
by Cheryl Welch
An inspiring true story, Crushed Innocence: Journey into Promise, is a courageous memoir of a wom...
Paperback $18.50
by Jonathan Fuller
Weaving through the dates and events of history the personal stories of Filipino Muslims and Chri...
Paperback $20.00
by Tony Lambert
Hardcover $37.00
by Tony Lambert
This text analyzes the growth of the Church in China. The author suggests reasons for the revival...
Paperback $18.00

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