by Thomas Nelson
A definitive history of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movement and an intriguing reference for ...
Paperback $16.38
by Bruce Shelley
With more than 315,000 copies sold, this is the story of the church for today’s readers. The four...
Paperback $31.76
by Everett Ferguson
Church History offers a unique contextual view of how the Christian church spread and developed. ...
Hardcover $45.25
by Michael Reeves
This accessible introduction to the Protestant Reformation answers eleven key questions raised by...
Paperback $17.93
by William Whiston
You want to go deeper, understand, and immerse yourself in the Jewish history, culture, and commu...
Hardcover $17.93
by Norman Jeune III
Patterned after the all-American baseball card, Theologian Trading Cards provide essential inform...
Miscellaneous print $36.99
by Samuel J. Steiner
Ontario Mennonites and Amish are among the most diverse in the world-in their historical migratio...
Hardcover $66.42
by Michael Reeves
Burning pyres, nuns on the run, stirring courage, and comic relief: the Protestant Reformation i...
Paperback $15.59
by Walter Hollenweger
Paperback $40.15
by Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
What would a theology of the Church look like that took seriously the fact that North America is ...
Paperback $27.73
by Martin Luther
Book $15.59
by John Dickson
What really happened back in the first century, in Jerusalem and around the Sea of Galilee, that ...
Paperback $13.64
by David Jeremiah
When Pontius Pilate ordered the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, he thought he was putting an end to ...
Paperback $17.54
by Randy Petersen
Be Still, My Soul is a collection of 175 of the most popular hymns and the stories behind them. M...
Paperback $17.54
by Tim Chester
Five hundred years after the beginning of the Protestant Reformation, many people—Christians and ...
CD-Audio $18.97

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